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TF Feldmann products.
Safe. Convincing. Customized.

TF Feldmann. Custom-made quality.

If requested, we also manufacture our products after your drawings. We guarantee fast and reliable production of  bellows, rubber bellows, disk  bellows or U-shaped bellows.

Our traditional company takes special pride in quality- whether it concerns the choice of material or the manufacture process. We can produce rubber bellows, U-shaped bellows, disk bellows and slipway covers in any requested design and material. This also applies to leather belts, Kevlar belts and box belts.

TF Feldmann. We are certified.

Quality management norm ISO 9001 is the most common and important quality management norm on both the national and international level (QM).

Any company and organization, disregarding capacity and field of business,  is allowed to certify their products according to ISO 9001 and thus forms the basis for a continuous improvement process of the intra-corporate quality management system. (QMS)

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