Product inquiry

You have special requirements for shape and material? Your requirements cannot be satisfied by our extensive stock program? Nothing you need to worry about!

With this enquiry we are giving you the option for  custom-made  bellows, slipway covers and compensators. We also take pleasure in making you an appropriate quotation.

The procedure is really simple:

  • Choose your product
  • Design
  • Dimension

The rest in us to be finished.

  » cylindrical
  » conical shapes
  » one-folded bellow
  » rectangular/square shape
  » round-shaped
  » rectangular/square
  » U-shaped
  » desk shape
  » roof shape
  » L-shaped
  » standard
technical leather products


We are looking forward to your enquiry!

We appreciate to give you technical advice on our products as well as your product enquiry.

Just give us a call or let us know in writing about your requests.

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