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Product Descriptions:


Our services

  • Production of bellows, slipway covers, cuffs, seals and leather belts
  • Repair/maintenance of bellows
  • Production of bellows and slipway covers according to drawing
  • Custom-made production, if possible
  • Questionnaires on our homepage
  • Counselling and professional assistance regarding problems
  • Counselling and sale of synthetic leather as base merchant

Download questionnaires

Bellows cylindrical
15.12.2020, size: 157,57 KB
Bellows conical-shaped
15.12.2020, size: 165,44 KB
Bellows one-folded
15.12.2020, size: 124,54 KB
Bellows square-shap
15.12.2020, size: 157,33 KB
Slideway-covers U-shape
15.12.2020, size: 159,43 KB
Slideway-covers roof-shape
15.12.2020, size: 157,16 KB
Slideway-covers desk-shape
15.12.2020, size: 158,21 KB
Slideway-cover L-shape
15.12.2020, size: 157,13 KB
Slideway-cover standard
15.12.2020, size: 153,17 KB
PDF Compensators round-shaped
15.12.2020, size: 108,9 KB
PDF Compensators rectangular/square
15.12.2020, size: 110 KB
Hight-Pressure core-leather cuffs
15.12.2020, size: 82,76 KB
15.12.2020, size: 215,3 KB
PDF Flat-trajectory wipers
15.12.2020, size: 367,27 KB
PDF Loading bellows, foldabel
15.12.2020, size: 163,76 KB
PDF Loading bellows
15.12.2020, size: 152,32 KB
PDF Flat-seal O-rings
15.12.2020, size: 528,5 KB

We are looking forward to your enquiry!

We appreciate to give you technical advice on our products as well as your product enquiry.

Just give us a call or let us know in writing about your requests.

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