Modular construction bellows

PVC bellows have already been successfully used in a large range of work areas.

Introducing our new modular construction bellows, we are now in the position to offer a ‘modular construction system’ which we can use to deliver ready-made PVC bellows in more than 8,000 different dimensions/connection types.

Comprising inner and counter flange, sleeve or a combination of both, you can choose between eight different connection types. For each connection type you can choose from a large range of different internal and external diameters as well as the best fitting bellow length.

Click here for the list of all deliverable bellows: modular construction bellows.

Also you have the opportunity to order our modular construction bellows in separable design with zip fastener. Separable bellows ensure a fast set-up without the necessity to dismantle the unit.


For your individual application you have the bellow material choice between PVC standard and PVC hydrocarbon.

PVC Standard

PVC standard quality is the  most common quality and can be applied for temperatures ranging -20° C to -80° C. The PVC hardness standard is set at 55° Shore A, so the bellow can effortlessly reach its minimum/maximum length. The bellow’s wall thickness varies between 1 and 2.5 mm, depending on the internal and external diameter. Our standard colour for modular construction bellows is black, but we can also deliver in red, blue, white, etc.

Due to its excellent resistance to ozone, UV and water it can be applied indoors and outdoors.

PVC Hydrocarbon

PVC hydrocarbon is resistant to most cooling liquids and inorganic oils.  It is a bit softer than PVC Standard.

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