Technical leather products

Leather has been used for technical seals for hundreds of years now. Even today, we are still producing products from high-quality core leather, e.g. seal rings and high-pressure cuffs from diaphragm or chrome leather, compensators and covers from CN leather hides and sebatan leather.

Core leather cuffs

Leather cuffs are best-suited for water, hydraulic oil and air. Leather is an extraordinary robust material. It is high-pressure resistant. This is why leather cuffs can be seen as the perfect solution to sealing problems. Even applied to an old unit , a leather cuff is most effective. The leather fibre penetrates each flute of the piston and seals perfectly.


Leather diaphragms

We deliver diaphragms and valve cuffs for pumps and valves in various dimensions. As for the material,  we use wear-proof diaphragm, chrome or core leather.


Cup-shaped cuff

For the perfect pump sealing

hat-shaped cuff

For sealing pistons and guideways on hydraulic presses and pumps

U-shaped cuff

Similar to lip seals, can be applied for sealing pistons and pipes.

Roof-shaped cuffs

Seals rotating convolutions

Core leather coupling packages

Our production of core leather coupling packages is custom-made und fits your special needs and dimensions.

Core leather coupling buffers

Our production of core leather coupling packages is custom-made und fits your special needs and dimensions.

Cor leather O-rings

We deliver core leather O-rings measuring 2mm to 9 mm. We can also supply you with belt binders.

Core leather driving belts

We produce core leather driving belts in various widths and thicknesses and are made of high-quality belt-leather butts. Of course, if requested, we can also supply the appropriate belt binders.

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